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In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • What quizzes and achievements are, as they relate to e-learning.
  • What makes quizzes and achievements valuable.
  • How they increase client engagement and impact your clients and business.

First, let’s get clear on what quizzes and achievements are within an e-learning environment.
Quizzes are a series of various types of questions used to assess student comprehension throughout your course.
Achievements are small wins/rewards used to keep clients excited and motivated as they move through each lesson.
According to Dr. Jennifer Hillman, there’s a substantial relationship between quizzing and increased student engagement and comprehension.  In her study, she found students felt positive about using quizzes as a means to become more engaged with the course material, to be better prepared for exams, and to learn and comprehend the course material versus simply memorizing it.
Additionally, as mentioned in Dr. Hillman’s research study,  it is human nature to respond positively to rewards.
When we design the giving of achievements, we focus on rewarding our students in these categories: activity, accomplishments, and timing.
For instance, you can award achievement badges to your students for logging into the e-learning site – activity. Reward them for completing a lesson or quiz – accomplishments and, completing a set number of lessons or finishing the course with a given period – timing.
Let’s explore how quizzes and achievements can impact your clients and your business.  
Imagine Jane is your new client, she just registered and paid for your course.  She logged in and is ready to dive into lesson one. Your current e-learning site does not include an achievement or quiz system.
Jane’s on her own as she moves from lesson to lesson.
In lesson three, Jane loses motivation and speeds through the module and jumps to the next one. During lesson four, Jane starts to feel lost, and she doesn’t understand the material.
Now Jane gets frustrated and doesn’t want to continue. She even starts to think the course content doesn’t make sense and feels poorly about the instructor.
Jane closes her laptop never to return.
Stop and ask yourself these three simple questions:

  • If you don’t test Jane’s comprehension, how likely is she to stay focused?
  • If she’s not comprehending the lesson, how will this affect her confidence and self-esteem?
  • If we’re not using achievements to help motivate Jane, can we count on Jane to finish?

Not using quizzes and achievements keeps you in the “Jane” replacement business, instead of the customer retention business which increases your profit margins.  
When Jane completes your course feeling confident about her newly acquired skills she’ll be ready to take action on more of what you have to offer, creating a powerful opportunity for you to present her with additional products to further her education and increase her return on investment.
It’s a win-win situation for you and your clients. You clients feel fantastic with their accomplishment and take action. It’s a win for you because when your customers get an outcome, you’ve earned the right to ask them to buy your additional products.
The cost to acquire a new online customer is very high and only nets most companies 15% of the sale. However, the profit margin on a second or third sale is almost 80%.
Your focus should be on using quizzes and achievements to engage and motivate your clients or students so that many more of your customers complete your course.
In one of the upcoming lessons, I’ll share the industry averages for completion rates. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, yet I hope you are sitting when you see the results.
In the next lesson, we will teach you about the importance of a robust data package and why you can’t run your e-learning business without it.
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To your success!

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