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Welcome to the last lesson for Total Client Engagement. Digital Badges is my favorite lesson, and it is THE GAME CHANGER for educators!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction course. What I’ve covered is the very tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to share. And you have a few great options to get more.

My goal is to help 100,000,000,000 students get the outcome their dire and deserve.

The world is cluttered with a massive amount of information and the majority of the online courses and platforms add to that clutter. The world does not need more information!

Remember these numbers from our earlier lesson?

The average course completion rates for:

  • Business opportunity courses are 3%
  • MOOC’s – Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, MIT courses is around 5-8%
  • Udemy – about 8%
  • Personal Development Course around 12%

This is the sad state of affairs!

My outcome for you after taking this introductory course is that you can recognize where your course or platform needs adjustments and take action to improve your student outcomes.

You don’t have to accept the averages and you can easily do something about. In fact, if you just adopt one of the seven lessons we’ve covered you can make a significant shift in your results.

My commitment is to student outcomes, which is why I’ve designed this introductory course with actionable items for you to test.

I urge you to join our tribe and become part of the movement – your students and your bottom line with thank you.

In the last lesson, you learned what responsive design is, why you need it to increase your client engagement and profit margins, and how to implement it in your e-learning platform.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • What are Digital Badges
  • Why it’s necessary to run a profitable e-learning site
  • How to implement Digital Badges in your e-learning platform

A report funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE), defines digital badges as a new way to capture and communicate what an individual knows and can demonstrate.

Badges can represent different levels of work and engagement, including more granular, specific skills or achievements.

Digital badges make meaningful results visible to anyone, anywhere, anytime on the web, including current employers, instructors, peers, and communities of shared interest.

Digital badges are a global phenomenon.

Digital badges work for your clients in various ways. On one hand, digital badges are a vehicle for illustrating current or anticipated progress toward goals. Their value comes from the fact that they get to digitally memorialize their accomplishments for the world to see. They also create engagement and motivate your clients to continue from one level to the next.

Digital badges work for you because they improve learner retention and reduce attrition.

Digital badge portfolios are a powerful tool for your students to tell a story of what they can do, how they can contribute to society and their communities, and what they bring to new settings while scaling your business with repeat customers.

Think about your student Joe, he is looking to make a career jump and enrolled in your course to improve his skills giving him an extra edge over other candidates. He works full-time and has a family. He wants to complete your course, but life gets in the way a lot but because you’ve implemented the other six rules and kept Joe engaged against all the odds. Once he completes your course, he can claim his digital badge and add it to his LinkedIn profile for recruiters to see. When a recruiter clicks on it, a web page opens up with a complete syllabus/outline of the course, the skills Joe mastered, and how he did to demonstrate the course’s learning outcomes, giving them tangible evidence of his qualifications. Because of this, Joe may decide to build a badge portfolio by taking additional courses from you to expand his knowledge and skills. Joe’s lifetime value as a client increased at no extra cost to you. Joe also posted his digital badge on Facebook and a couple of his colleagues in the field overseas clicked on it too. When they saw in detail the curriculum you offer, they because interested and enrolled in the course too.

You just got a new client at zero cost to you and your company is now global.

Here are the steps to implement Digital Badges to get the results you want:

  1. Research Digital Badge Banks, here’s a few to get you started: Credly, Hastac, Badge Alliance, Acclaim
  2. Choose which company you want to work with – we work with Credly
  3. Create an account with Credly
  4. Create an image for your badges that matches your style guide
  5. Create the copy for the page people will see when they click on one of your badges
  6. Determine the milestone the student needs to attain to receive the badge
  7. Create an email series recognizing the student’s success with instructions on how they should claim their badge
  8. Create a manual showing the student what to do with the badge to get the most recognition for their achievement
  9. Create an email sequence for those who didn’t claim their badge reminding them to claim their badge

I usually spend a half day teaching digital badges and how to implement them.

Unfortunately, in this introductory course, the depth of the information outlasts the time we have together.

The areas that we don’t have time to cover are:

  • How to get 40% graduation rates
  • How Digital Badges create a Return on Education™ for your students and in turn maximize your profits
  • Understanding what is a Viral Social Loop and how it leads to global brand expansion
  • Learning how to increase sales and profits while lowering your costs to acquire new customers
  • How to use digital badges to dominate your industry
  • How to use digital badges to empower your clients
  • How digital badges make you more sales
  • The biggest mistake most digital badge users make
  • The three things your digital badge must do to maximize your roi
  • And much more…

My prediction is that Digital Badges will change online education the same way email changed the US Postal System. We are at the very beginning of this unstoppable trend.

Digital badges allow educators to create a return on investment for their clients and students. For the first time, online courses have a transparent and encrypted way to validate a student’s accomplishment. The digital badge is the learner’s record of success, much like a college diploma. Awarding digital badges creates a beginning and end to your course. It allows you to position your course with the target of completion as one of the main goals. Digital badges get you a client for free and position you as a global leader.

Awarding digital badges create a beginning and end to your course. It allows you to position your course with the target of completion as one of the main goals. Digital badges get you a client for free and position you as a global leader.

Do you see how Digital Badges can impact your students and your business?

Are you ready to go deeper and learn how you can effectively implement all of the tips that were provided to you in these lessons?

As our time comes to an end, I would like to invite you one last time to take advantage of my three bonus, my price incentive, and my no risk 30-day money back guarantee!

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Lastly, if this is the end of the road for us, then please remember that you have access to this course and you can come back as often as you like.

Please put some of these lessons to use and then return to add comments into the comment sections. Share your challenges, questions and most importantly – your WINS!

Thank you for allowing me to spend this time with you.



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